Ivy Ridge Green’s Save and Grow Message

How are your savings growing? What? They aren’t growing? Then tune in here at Ivy Ridge Green for our upcoming series on topics such as introduction to precious metals, tips on finding financial advisors, economic health (including your own physical and emotional health which can oftentimes take a hit when worries about personal finance surface), and much, much more.

There will be tips and resources about entrepreneurship and other self-employment subject matter. By the way, one young self-employed entrepreneur that one of our team members knew was utterly unaware that they had to submit quarterly estimated 1040-ES tax payments. They also were unaware that they needed to submit Form 1099-NEC to subcontractors to whom they had paid more than $600 in fees per annum. How can these mistakes be avoided? By educating yourself! Look up federal self-employment guidelines, and hire a tax professional when the time comes, and save yourself the headaches that our young friend endured (but fortunately was able to overcome!).

Please visit our blog regularly for more content to come!